19 August 2011

let it marinate.: BALANCE.

let it marinate.: BALANCE.: Underemployment is an interesting thing. Especially in the summer. And it's a constant balance to be...



Underemployment is an interesting thing. Especially in the summer. And it's a constant balance to be a good/fun mom, and to work dilligently at WORK. workplayworkplayworkplayworkplay.
I really try not to do the guilt thing, but I often feel guilty when I'm inside [read NOW] instead of outside on a beautiful fleeting August day, yet when I am am outside playing with my toddler, I feel equally as guilty that I'm not stuck inside looking for work. I know the work-life balance is a classic struggle moms go through, yet looking for a job poses its own unique problems.

Something's brewing. I'm going to be featured on a major coupon site, which is awesome, but there is a lot of work to be done in the meantime. And I'm confronted with a dilemma: do I continue to look for work, or spend my "free" time pursuing my dream of working for myself, or at the very least freelance? I'm fortunate to have something lined up for October, but what about until then?

Anyone else come upon these unique circumstances? I did come up with a temporary solution, if she's up for it: I have a SAHM friend who is also an outstanding playwright. On the days where she doesn't have coverage, maybe we can watch each other's kids, taking turns working. You up for it SAW?
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18 August 2011


thinking. learning. creating. editing. liking. disliking. fixing. changing. confusing. enlightening.

creating a website, finally.

03 August 2011

MsCareerGirl Event

You know when you have second thoughts about attending a networking event for some silly reason? Yeah, well I had those about this particular event. I'm too old. I don't have a complete vision/business plan yet/it's a pain to go downtown, blahblahblah. And that's all those thoughts were. I am SO happy I went! I have to say, I am going to really make an effort to go to these events from now on. Some will be better than others, but I firmly believe that when it comes to reaching out, none are wastes of time.

MsCareerGirl herself: couldn't be nicer, and after reading her blog, I realized she too had some fears and trepidations about hosting as well. If we all had these and let them hold us back, nothing would be accomplished.

I FINALLY met Jill Salzman of: (who also couldn't be nicer and more supportive) and promised I would attend the next founding moms event. It's already on my calendar. Again, I didn't attend these meetings (mainly for mom entrepreneurs) because I didn't want to bring Z, they were "all the way" in Oak Park, or for some other foolish reason. But on the days/nights when I'm feeling like I'm in this alone, these meetings will help me. Even meeting Amanda Young: (who had the cutest bookmarks promoting her book) and finding out she had similar things that were holding her back helped.

So this are definitely BABY steps, but steps nonetheless. I've applied to (Cross your fingers!) I'm making steps toward this candy biz. I need a name. (Any ideas?) Jill gave me homework of coming up with one before the meeting (and bringing said candy with me of course).

Now I wish I was going to blogher 11! I guess I have to write more first.

16 May 2011

I'm getting somewhere.

Small steps. I met with a woman this morning (before work!) who works for Plum District. I'm not sure what the result of our meeting up will entail, but these are small business steps for me. On a different note, I also want to WILL start making candy to test out a few different recipes. Having a close pregnant friend who might pop at any moment is reason enough for gift giving and fun caramel/toffee/candy making. Even though the bacon thing is over saturated, I think it would make a great caramel, so I am going to experiment with that. Speaking of experimenting, I am also in the process of getting my foot in the door at a test kitchen, which would be super fun and a great opportunity. Working part-time and hangin' with the toddler set part-time? I like it. I see a tumbling class in our future, a block away, with the twins.

Too bad I can't take advantage of my time at Kellogg and take some type of mini-classes or something. If they were giving degrees out I probably couldn't get in. But I digress.
So..getting more focused. Honing. Thinking. Networking ideas. Ice cream? You never know. Etsy? Craft fairs? Farmer's Market?

15 March 2011


I'm supposed to write everyday. This is all fine & good, except for the fact that this was supposed to start over a year ago. I'm trying now. I have been doing yoga every day (only 10 minutes at home, but it's a start) thanks to my friend Steph. I'm figuring if I start to get disciplined in one area, it will spill over to the next. Right?

I have been contemplating my next career move, and trying to combat the feelings of STUCK I have been having. I spoke with a friend about my next step, about starting this candy biz I have merely been talking about,
(my un-resolution is less talk and more action) about continuing to freelance, and really navigating that world. The online cooking class I helped with was a great start. There really are a lot of things out there in the freelance writing/cooking/blogosphere. You just have to know where to look, where to start, where to go from here.
This is the hard part. I kind of feel like with every step, I get more and more motivated. It's when I'm home with Z (no offense choochoo) that my motivation begins to wane.
(Although my candy ideas seem to get better. Go figure for winter boredom).

What I DON'T want to do is put my culinary background to waste. Starting a business is so tough, yet I love the creativity and autonomy that comes from it. I'd love to start small, i.e. farmers markets, fundraisers, friends, family, etc. I'd start with one kind of candy/maybe two, one or two flavors, and that's it.

Now all I need is a name, a business plan, money, a kitchen to work in...

Not much huh?

Anyone have any tips to combat their own lack of motivation? Or business tips? Candy tips? I'll take 'em all.

Sweet Treats Class Recap

For those of you who missed the Sweet Treats class, here is a recap.

Thanks for checking it out!

09 March 2011

Sweet Treats class today!

I am co-hosting a Sweet Treats class on the Motherhood today.
Please come check it out! This is my first time doing this, but it should be fun.
More to come on this blog..there is a lot of work to do, but also some exciting things on the horizon.

07 January 2011

let it marinate.: tasty blogs

let it marinate.: Immersion Blender

let it marinate.: Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender

A good friend and I had a GREAT dinner at Nightwood tonight. I highly recommend it.
We were talking about a lot of things, i.e. life, getting older, being happy, being complacent, challenging ourselves, DOING something. I know it's a total cliche, and it's a cliche for saying it's a cliche, but I'm trying to focus focusing on more doing and less talking. Perfect example right there. So this post is about not much, but trying to write something every day. And I still haven't replaced my immersion blender, although I did get this:for my birthday and LOVE it. Anyway, which immersion blenders do you like? Thoughts?