19 August 2011



Underemployment is an interesting thing. Especially in the summer. And it's a constant balance to be a good/fun mom, and to work dilligently at WORK. workplayworkplayworkplayworkplay.
I really try not to do the guilt thing, but I often feel guilty when I'm inside [read NOW] instead of outside on a beautiful fleeting August day, yet when I am am outside playing with my toddler, I feel equally as guilty that I'm not stuck inside looking for work. I know the work-life balance is a classic struggle moms go through, yet looking for a job poses its own unique problems.

Something's brewing. I'm going to be featured on a major coupon site, which is awesome, but there is a lot of work to be done in the meantime. And I'm confronted with a dilemma: do I continue to look for work, or spend my "free" time pursuing my dream of working for myself, or at the very least freelance? I'm fortunate to have something lined up for October, but what about until then?

Anyone else come upon these unique circumstances? I did come up with a temporary solution, if she's up for it: I have a SAHM friend who is also an outstanding playwright. On the days where she doesn't have coverage, maybe we can watch each other's kids, taking turns working. You up for it SAW?
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