24 July 2007

farmers market

i went saturday to evanston farmers market~one of the best in the city. i had my wine group that night, and wanted to get some fresh veggies for my dish, and wanted them to come from piedmont, if possible. boy..i really lucked out. piedmontese beef-just a piece-i will sear, and some of the most gorgeous vegetables. there were purple and white striped heirloom beans-(originally from piedmont!) purple beans, yellow beans and green. i made a nice bean salad with orange muscat vinaigrette, purple carrots.
then, i seared the delicious beef. i had some stuff leftover, so i sauteed the rest of the mushrooms, added it to the leftover quinoa and kale, and off to taste wine i go.
i got to andrea's house, and she suggested putting everything together. who knew? i was so sad that my dish didn't turn out as i had invisioned it, yet it looked beautiful, and everyone loved it!yay!

25 May 2007

davis st

i just spent more money that i wanted to. and i've never done this before, but i do have to start somewhere. actually, the thought of everyone reading my thoughts is pretty foreign, but i've got to start writing. it does come naturally to me. so davis st. yummy, perfectly hot catfish nuggets, tasty crab finger thingies, and the most delicious scallops. for some reason, most places do not know how to cook these right; usually serving them almost raw inside. but i went for the bartender's (sat @the bar) suggestion and got them sauteed, and they were perfectly seared (or browned i should say) on the outside, just a touch chewy on the inside, but definitely not overcooked. on the nose garlic butter sauce on the side. red new potatoes..who needs anything more>?