02 April 2008

tasty blogs

I found these on another blog, and I'd like to check them out. I've added a few too.

*A Chicken in Every Granny Cart
* A Finger in Every Pie
* Accidental Hedonist
* Alice q. Foodie
* Amateur Gourmet
* Baking and Books
* Baking Sheet
* Becks & Posh
* Bitespot
* Bron Marshall
* Brownie Points
* Bruni Digest
* Candy Blog
* Chez Pim
* Chocolate & Zucchini
* Christine Cooks
* Chubby Hubby
* Cookbook 411
* Cooking with Amy
* Cream Puffs in Venice
* Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
* Culinary in the Desert
* David Lebovitz
* Delicious Days
* Dinner for One
* Dirty Sugar Cookies
* Domestic Goddess
* Eggbeater
* Epi-Log
* Farmgirl Fare
* Food Blog S’cool
* Foodmomiac
* Food Porn Watch
* I was really just very hungry
* Kalyn's Kitchen
* Kiplog’s Foodblog

* * Kitchenography
* Kuidaore
* La Mia Cucina
* La Tartine Gourmande
* Lenndevours
* Lex Culinaria
* Lobstersquad
* Lucullian Delights
* Mahanandi
* Megnut
* Milk & Cookies
* Noodle Pie
* Nordljus
* Obsession With Food
* Orangette
* Oswego Tea
* Seriously Good
* Simply Recipes
* Spice Blog
* Sweetnicks
* Tasting Menu
* The Delicious Life
* The Food Section
* The Food Whore
* The Girl Who Ate Everything
* The Laughing Gastronome
* The Passionate Cook
* The Wednesday Chef
* Tigers & Strawberries
* Too Many Chefs
* Traveler’s Lunchbox
* Vanilla Garlic
* Vinography
* Weekly Dish
* What's For Lunch Honey
* 101 Cookbooks
* Chefs Blogs

13 March 2008

some more random pics

why me?

i went to a women's blog seminar-type thing yesterday. it was supposed to be a motivation for me to really write on this blog i have, instead of just thinking and talking and procrastinating about it. after all, i can take all these foodie pics, but they don't do anybody any good in my camera.

so i went to the seminar, and it was great. i met all sorts of different women--the ones on the panel who have had blogs for years, the ones from yahoo who were putting this site together, and some women who simply read and enjoy them. i made some nice contacts.

i'm now in my kitchen eating a latelate brunch (after returning from the dentist yet again) and am reading the food section from yesterday. they're discussing all these foodie blogs. i decided..I NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING. NOW. i learned to simply dive in. the readers will come. but if these other people can write about food, why can't i? what makes them authorities on food, and not me? i love to cook, i love to eat, i love to talk about food.

after all, what was all that toil at kendall for?

so i'm off and running, almost a year after i started this. i have some backup pics i'll put up. i'll write about my new teaching job. it's almost spring, and it all feels good.

so there.