16 May 2011

I'm getting somewhere.

Small steps. I met with a woman this morning (before work!) who works for Plum District. I'm not sure what the result of our meeting up will entail, but these are small business steps for me. On a different note, I also want to WILL start making candy to test out a few different recipes. Having a close pregnant friend who might pop at any moment is reason enough for gift giving and fun caramel/toffee/candy making. Even though the bacon thing is over saturated, I think it would make a great caramel, so I am going to experiment with that. Speaking of experimenting, I am also in the process of getting my foot in the door at a test kitchen, which would be super fun and a great opportunity. Working part-time and hangin' with the toddler set part-time? I like it. I see a tumbling class in our future, a block away, with the twins.

Too bad I can't take advantage of my time at Kellogg and take some type of mini-classes or something. If they were giving degrees out I probably couldn't get in. But I digress.
So..getting more focused. Honing. Thinking. Networking ideas. Ice cream? You never know. Etsy? Craft fairs? Farmer's Market?

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