03 August 2011

MsCareerGirl Event

You know when you have second thoughts about attending a networking event for some silly reason? Yeah, well I had those about this particular event. I'm too old. I don't have a complete vision/business plan yet/it's a pain to go downtown, blahblahblah. And that's all those thoughts were. I am SO happy I went! I have to say, I am going to really make an effort to go to these events from now on. Some will be better than others, but I firmly believe that when it comes to reaching out, none are wastes of time.

MsCareerGirl herself: couldn't be nicer, and after reading her blog, I realized she too had some fears and trepidations about hosting as well. If we all had these and let them hold us back, nothing would be accomplished.

I FINALLY met Jill Salzman of: (who also couldn't be nicer and more supportive) and promised I would attend the next founding moms event. It's already on my calendar. Again, I didn't attend these meetings (mainly for mom entrepreneurs) because I didn't want to bring Z, they were "all the way" in Oak Park, or for some other foolish reason. But on the days/nights when I'm feeling like I'm in this alone, these meetings will help me. Even meeting Amanda Young: (who had the cutest bookmarks promoting her book) and finding out she had similar things that were holding her back helped.

So this are definitely BABY steps, but steps nonetheless. I've applied to (Cross your fingers!) I'm making steps toward this candy biz. I need a name. (Any ideas?) Jill gave me homework of coming up with one before the meeting (and bringing said candy with me of course).

Now I wish I was going to blogher 11! I guess I have to write more first.