15 March 2011


I'm supposed to write everyday. This is all fine & good, except for the fact that this was supposed to start over a year ago. I'm trying now. I have been doing yoga every day (only 10 minutes at home, but it's a start) thanks to my friend Steph. I'm figuring if I start to get disciplined in one area, it will spill over to the next. Right?

I have been contemplating my next career move, and trying to combat the feelings of STUCK I have been having. I spoke with a friend about my next step, about starting this candy biz I have merely been talking about,
(my un-resolution is less talk and more action) about continuing to freelance, and really navigating that world. The online cooking class I helped with was a great start. There really are a lot of things out there in the freelance writing/cooking/blogosphere. You just have to know where to look, where to start, where to go from here.
This is the hard part. I kind of feel like with every step, I get more and more motivated. It's when I'm home with Z (no offense choochoo) that my motivation begins to wane.
(Although my candy ideas seem to get better. Go figure for winter boredom).

What I DON'T want to do is put my culinary background to waste. Starting a business is so tough, yet I love the creativity and autonomy that comes from it. I'd love to start small, i.e. farmers markets, fundraisers, friends, family, etc. I'd start with one kind of candy/maybe two, one or two flavors, and that's it.

Now all I need is a name, a business plan, money, a kitchen to work in...

Not much huh?

Anyone have any tips to combat their own lack of motivation? Or business tips? Candy tips? I'll take 'em all.

Sweet Treats Class Recap

For those of you who missed the Sweet Treats class, here is a recap.

Thanks for checking it out!