15 October 2013

Chicago Food Bloggers

So I went to this a couple of weeks ago:

I joined the Chicago Food Bloggers not too long ago, but I hadn’t attended an event yet.
I have been poking around at the site, getting to “know” the bloggers and seeing what other people are up to in my city, but this event gave me a chance to meet other writers/food lovers in person.
I’m up for networking events but often don’t make it to them. I jumped on the brown line and headed down to The Chopping Block (my former employer) at the Mart. It was a welcome change to attend a cooking class from the opposite point of view. While the recipes weren’t life-changing, they were tasty and it was a nice thing to do with my Sunday afternoon.

And if you’re a Chicago food blogger, join them! I’m looking forward to the next meet up.

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