27 January 2010

Almost TWO years later??

My last post was almost two years ago. My goal is to be writing for a living. This will not work. How funny that I was writing about going to the dentist, and I've started up yet again. This brings up an interesting problem for me: I like to eat. Being that I have one tooth that may need a root canal and another that needs to be pulled, I now have to watch what I eat. I delve into the world of puddings, smoothies, baby food? That doesn't sound like much fun. Nuts seem to be a problem. Popcorn is out. Candy?? Not so much. So I think I will make a pudding. I have coconut milk and coconut cream leftover from the Massaman curry I made last night (which was soo good, btw). (Thanks Taylor!)

I'll let you know what I come up with.

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