13 March 2008

why me?

i went to a women's blog seminar-type thing yesterday. it was supposed to be a motivation for me to really write on this blog i have, instead of just thinking and talking and procrastinating about it. after all, i can take all these foodie pics, but they don't do anybody any good in my camera.

so i went to the seminar, and it was great. i met all sorts of different women--the ones on the panel who have had blogs for years, the ones from yahoo who were putting this site together, and some women who simply read and enjoy them. i made some nice contacts.

i'm now in my kitchen eating a latelate brunch (after returning from the dentist yet again) and am reading the food section from yesterday. they're discussing all these foodie blogs. i decided..I NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING. NOW. i learned to simply dive in. the readers will come. but if these other people can write about food, why can't i? what makes them authorities on food, and not me? i love to cook, i love to eat, i love to talk about food.

after all, what was all that toil at kendall for?

so i'm off and running, almost a year after i started this. i have some backup pics i'll put up. i'll write about my new teaching job. it's almost spring, and it all feels good.

so there.

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